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Service Charter

Unitechnic group technology solution LTD

 CE ISO 9001

Since 1983, you, the customer, has been our company's main partner to which we are committed. The Unitechnic Group sees you as a partner who accompanied and will accompany us for many years to come. With the understanding that you are the center and core of our business, we are committed to providing you with personal, professional services with high availability, which will lead to the best and quickest solution to your problem. Above all, your customer experience and satisfaction are very important to us.

Quality of availability

Telephone availability - You have a wide variety of contact means with our company. Upon your contact with a request, that will be registered, a handling and service procedure will emerge that will be followed up by us until its completion to your satisfaction.

Technical Representative arrival - For machinery fractures, a technical rep will arrive within 24 hours since you first contacted us. Please note that the calls received on Fridays, holiday-eves, and holidays will be handled the following working day.

For any other malfunctions - If a remote solution can't be delivered, the technical rep will arrive when scheduled in coordination with you, the customer.

Service Technicians and Experts Availability

Dear customer, we are aware that downtime/malfunction costs you money and a lot of money. For the sake of your return to production as quickly as possible, we employ a vast array of technicians and professional experts in their field, nationwide.

Spare Parts Availability

We have a front logistics warehouse and a central logistics warehouse in the center of the country, where the recommended machine manufacturers stock of spare parts is. The warehouse contains a large number of spare parts for a wide range of machines and manufacturers. If the required replacement part is in stock, the said part will arrive with the technician handling the service call. If the spare part is not in stock, the request will be transferred to our company's importing department, which will begin ordering and importing the required part.


It is possible to repair it in a laboratory/workshop in Israel, we will update you on the cost and the expected delivery time / We will do our best to bring it to Israel as soon as possible. If the machine can be repaired using an alternative spare part in stock, we will do so in coordination with you.

Experts + professionalism

At your disposal, the customer is an array of field technicians, laboratory, and professional experts. The technicians undergo certification and professional training from the manufacturers abroad and in Israel. The guidance, ongoing training, and certification provide the customer peace of mind regarding their quality and professional service level. We invest a lot of resources in certifications and training of our service providers to present you, the customer, with the highest technical and professional level of service.


We are a learning and professional group that has made it its focus to learn, develop, and implement innovative working methods in machine maintenance. This capability allows us to advise you, the customer, on how to avoid future preventable malfunction/shutdown situations. Precaution and regular professional maintenance will extend the lifespan of the machine and save the customer a lot of money.

An element of multiplied strength for you, the customer, is the many years of experience and established relationships we have with the manufacturers, with some for over 35 years. These relationships reflect in the fast, efficient, professional, and up-to-date response manner that improves our technicians' tasks in the field and sometimes saves valuable downtime.

We're integrating new technologies and keeping up to date with everything related to providing solutions and resolutions in the field that can combine the technological means and many years of experience. That is the secret to the success of the people who build our group up.

The Group’s Quality of Service

Service, service, service, and above all, availability, personal approach, uncompromising professionalism. We are committed to you, the customer, for uncompromising quality in all the domains of our service. As part of this approach for many years, we have maintained and operated in the group according to the ISO9001 standard.

I invite you to contact us and share with us your service experience with our group. For our annual satisfaction survey, you are welcome to contact us through our wide range of communication means or direct contact with me,

the group's CEO at 050-2923271, Arik Cohen.

We are constantly improving the quality of service we provide to our customers to streamline our service network with the understanding that the customer experience, your service experience serves our group on a daily basis and dictates our growth and evolution as a group. We have succeeded in maintaining and even constantly improving the service provided to you. This is our pride.


On its basis, we're developing, strengthening, and increasing the areas of service and performance of our company. As part of our company's corporate value culture, we ask you to draw our attention, in case you encounter any discriminatory treatment, abusive remarks, or other abusive treatment of one of our members. I assure you that the procedure will be fast, effective, and uncompromising.

Best Regard,

Arik Cohen - CEO & Owner

Red Gradient

CEO : Arik Cohen 

Office: 03-6392523 | Mobile: 050-2923271


Deputy CEO : Gadi Ben-Ari

Office: 03-6392523 | Fax: 036871938 | Mobile: 050-2450201 


Technical Support: 03-6392527 | Fax: 03-6871938

Import Department : 03-6392524

Bookkeeping : 03-6871938 | 03-6392527

International Sales Department : 03-6392523

Israel Sales Departmen: 03-6392527

Red Gradient
Financing Plan for Machines Purchase

Dear customer, you can get a quote for the machine(s), which includes a financing plan tailored to your needs.

If you would like to receive a financing plan, please mention this when talking to our sales representative.

Please note that your application will be examined by an 3rd party company with the authority to approve and/or reject your eligibility, according to the financing terms to be determined.


The main points of the financing plan will be determined according to you, the client's ability and need individually.

The financing offer does not suggest the approval of ordering and/or financing the machine.

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