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Multi-Axis Machining Centers

Multi-axis machining centers have existed for decades. In recent years, several technological leaps have been made that bring the high-tech world to a world considered by many to be conventional, outdated, and non-technological.

In recent years it can be seen that more and more manufacturers around the world are combining several technologies in one machine. Operations performed on two or more machines can now be performed in one machine, along with classic machining machines that joined new families of machines and technologies that weren’t available in recent years such as the laser and the three dimensional.


More worlds have been added to the industry. And with them also the capabilities of the manufacturers to bring you, the customer, the best answer to your production requirements, simulation systems, and CAD programs allow you to run the product at the touch of a button, remote control, and reports from the machine have become standard, here and now.


We invite you to advise and consult with us regarding existing and future technological developments and the existing options combined with new technology in existing machines.

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Multi-Axis Machining Centers
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Conventional NC Milling Machines

Conventional milling, the classic of machining, in any advanced factory as you find it, the conventional milling. For over 35 years, we have been marketing the flagship milling of KING RICH, TAIWAN. The mill comes in a variety of sizes and configurations, including the BED TYPE series for processing heavy and long products.


Over the years, the evolution of computerized controls and displays systems now allowing the operator to work with the conventional milling machine in a dual-purpose mode. On the one hand, he can work on individual parts, non-repetitive work. On the other hand, he can work on complex parts in series by uploading a conversion drawing and converting it to work commands and at the push of a button, performing the machining process that would take long hours and days in the traditional method.

The group represents the leading XYZ Company in the field that installs the controller on the structure of the KING RICH mills in their factory in England. The company is the market leader in Europe. We invite you to leap into the near future of dual-purpose machines. The future has been here for a long time.

NC/CNC Lathes

CNC lathes their role lies in many manufacturing processes in and for various and diverse industries. The use of lathes is designed to serve the demand for simultaneous production and design, for many different products, for the diverse industries, or production, as part of a product. As a general rule, lathes also perform a type of machining for a variety of diverse raw materials, such as metals, glass, wood, plastic, and other less common raw materials.

Machining, in general, and notably machining using a CNC lathe, is characterized by machining parts with cylindrical bodies such as a cone, ball, or cylinder. Over the years, like any old product, lathes have advanced with the progress. Today one can be impressed by the variety of machines in this category with advanced and versatile technologies.

Lathes, from conventional lathes to lathes with several chucks and dedicated facilities, allow you, the customer, to perform operations that quite a few years ago you would have been performed in several stations or long processes to finalise the product.

Lathes are basic machines in any machining workshop. As an important and basic tool, you should keep up to date with the new technologies and new capabilities that exist on the market. The machine manufacturers are innovating and launching versions of existing and familiar machines with technological changes or additions essential to your success. Choosing a lathe and its capabilities are a critical component to your success.


As an example of the technological advances that did and will shortly affect the manufacturing factories and workshops can be seen through the increasing use of NC lathes, that makes possible the production of complex parts, in series, in short time frames, while producing a single part in the traditional manual method, in the same time frame.

The combination of capabilities of working with a controller and the ability to work manually optimizes the workflow of the department and reduces the parts production costs. The wise use of a dual-purpose lathe allows you to recoup your investment, in the technological leap, in a relatively short period. And will profit in a large number of aspects, such as the possibility of employing young workers, producing a larger number of parts daily, production lines support, and cost savings.

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NC/CNC Lathes
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CNC Surface Grinders 

Surface grinders, a fascinating world of nano and sub-micron, the world of maximum precision in its operations that require unique knowledge and expertise. In the grinding universe, you will find a fascinating world of possibilities and financial opportunities.

When it comes to grinding small details, there are small machines for the job, but when it comes to grinding large surfaces, you obviously need large grinding machines with industrial capabilities and power.


The Unitechnic Group specializes in fully tailored to the customer's requirements of all types of machines. When it comes to surface grinders, the sky is the limit, for example, grinders for aviation systems, such as aircraft parts, that require uncompromising accuracy in this matter. The grinding operation and its machines belong under the classification of machining.

Surface Grinders 
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