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Repairs and Maintenance for CNC Machines | Repairs and Maintenance for Lathes and Milling Machines

Building Machining Machines | Building Various Industrial Machines

Machines Software Development | CNC Machines Spare Parts | CNC Machines Robotics

Building Machining Machines

For many years, the Unitechnic Group has been building and supplying machines for the machining industry and tailored them to its needs. If these are mills, lathes, grinders, EDM, and alike. When in need to build a machine alongside the existing demands, it must be established in the professional knowledge and integration of a large number of disciplines and expertise in the field. The common denominator of all those involved in crafting and the profession rests on many years of field experience, professionalism, constantly learning, and the adoption of new technologies.

We provide you with the professionals available to the group and give, you, the client a great advantage in finding the most applied and effective technological solution for your future requirements and needs.

The thought underlying the development | The production of a machining machine is based on the capabilities of adapting future and present needs. For example, a customer who wants to purchase a "classic" 3-axis milling machine will receive at the quotation stage, the technical specifications that include preparations for addons that are not within the immediate need, such as preparation for cooling through the spindle, preparation for fourth/fifth axis, preparation for measuring addons, preparation for automation, opening and closing doors automatically through I/O cards and many other preparations that are in the domain of control.

Building a machining machine requires proven knowledge and managerial ability. For us to give you the best service, we provide you with one contact person to accompany the entire process, from the personalization stage to the completion of the execution. The role of this contact is to integrate the project and strictly monitor each stage of the project.

We invite you to call and present the manufacturing requirements to us; after learning them, we will offer the solutions and their costs. The Unitechnic Group has an engineering office in Taiwan, experts in many countries, and manufacturers worldwide in various areas of expertise. This is the catalyst in finding the best solution for you.

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Robotics & Applications Development for CNC Machines

In recent years, the robotics and automation component has played an essential part in the design of machining machines. This component is a consequence of reading the state of the labor market and workers in the industry, global competition, and technological maturity. If you have chosen to introduce automation or intend to integrate automation, robotics in your factory’s existing CNC machines, we have solutions for you.

We invite you to call us and present your requirements for combining applications and robotics separately or individually for your machine. After learning your needs, we will present the solutions and costs, according to your requirements and customized for your needs.

Machines Repairs and Maintenance Services

A machining machine requires routine and preventative maintenance. Sometimes the intervention of a technician and/or specialist is required. The Unitechnic Group provides you with a professional service department, including all the professionals - technicians and experts from Israel and worldwide.

Conventional and CNC machinery repairs and maintenance services. At our disposal, we have two workshops for more complex renovations such as spindles, 4/5 axis, ball screws, turrets, chucks including pneumatic or hydraulic, various propulsion units, and other complex mechanical assemblies.

Conventional Lathes Repairs and Maintenance Services:

Highly professional repairs and maintenance services of CNC, EDM, and grinding machines requires skilled, specialized, and professional personnel in the industry. We certify our technicians and experts in their area of expertise on an ongoing basis in Israel and abroad while continually improving and upgrading their capabilities. Particular emphasis is given to the aspect of work safety and road safety. All our employees have work permits at height and valid work safety training.

Machinery Spare Parts

A machine that is out of service or not properly working is a machine that is not producing value and its output directly impacts the factory's profit margins.

Unitechnic Group provides you with a department whose entire job and purpose is to import spare parts for your CNC machines and/or your conventional machines, whether they are old or new, from a wide variety of manufacturers from all over the world.

Our import department is linked to a global network of manufacturers and suppliers that allow us to import and supply the necessary and critical spare parts for you to continue production in a short time.

Decreasing downtime worth money! A lot of money!

Every year we expand our global chain of manufacturers and suppliers of spare parts and machine parts that broadens our range of options to assist you.

We invite you to call our import department and request a quote for spare parts, or parts you know need to be frequently replaced. We are sure you will find our service professional, fast, efficient, and at reasonable prices. The parts will be delivered directly to you.

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