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CE ISO 9001

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Since 1984

The Unitechnic Group has extensive and international activities.

In addition to supplying a wide range of machining machines, multi-axis CNC machines,  transitional, automation for machining processes, and NC machines for switching from conventional machines to CNC machining machines, conventional machines, lathes, milling machines, surface grinders, cylindrical grinders, and end-user accessories.


The group's operations provide valuable services to the customer through a nationwide service system for troubleshooting, maintenance, and refurbishment of assemblies for a wide variety of machines.

Within the wide range of these machines, the group specializes in NC/CNC controlled multi-axis machines in the fields of milling, engraving, grinding, EDM, erosion, straightening and wire, routers, and auxiliary tools such as band saws, saws, column saws, column drills, magnetic drills and the incorporation of automation and accessories, from a wide range of manufacturers. Starting with Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Italy, Germany, Spain, Turkey, England, and more.

The group owns a front warehouse in the national center of Tel Aviv for the distribution of orders and consumables, and a logistics warehouse with a wide stock of spare parts and end equipment for machines. The supply service of components and spare parts is a critical aspect for recovering the customer from a downtime/malfunction situation to an up and working one.

The time element will determine, for you, the customer, the level of professionalism, and the quality of your services.


This concept places the professionalism of our company's employees and the subject of quality and professionalism of service, to our regular and occasional customers, at our highest priority, and at the company's core of modernization and development.

The group combines several areas of activity of the business core of the machining industry, multi-axis milling and grinding machines in extensive activity in Israel and abroad, due to the vast and rich experience gained, been built up along the group's years of activity and its skilled teams and managers.


During this time, the group has had established an extensive network of contacts worldwide, providing technological solutions and services in Israel and around the world to a wide range of large and small factories, mass production companies, and research laboratories at the forefront of their field.

The quality experience of purchasing a machine, services, and/or spare parts and accessories has been daily tested and improved successfully for decades, and the many hundreds of our customers confirm this for generations.

The strength of the Unitechnic Group is its people, in its personal relations, in its immediate response to the demand, in its uncompromising professionalism in the immediate availability of its provided services. All this at a reasonable price witch is embedded in the group's and owner's DNA.

To enhance the group's clients’ user experience and services, during 2020, we will be launching an advanced services app and establishing an online store for online orders. The extent of the parts availability and spare parts for the variety of machines on the market (CNC, conventional, and others) underlies the establishment of a network of global companies that the Group has been linked with for many years.

This network allows us to bring you to your factory the part you need in fast time frames, and at a reasonable and competitive price, mechanical and electronic spare parts for new and old machines.

Red Gradient
Management & Staff Group

CEO : Arik Cohen 

Office: 03-6392523 | Mobile: 050-2923271


Deputy CEO : Gadi Ben-Ari

Office: 03-6392523 | Fax: 036871938 | Mobile: 050-2450201 


International Sales Department : 03-6392523

Israel Sales Departmen: 03-6392527

Technical Support: 03-6392527 | Fax: 03-6871938

Import Department : 03-6392524

Bookkeeping : 03-6871938 | 03-6392527

Red Gradient

Customer Service, Troubleshooting

& Maintenance for hundreds of clients

The group provides repairs and refurbishment services of machinery all over the country. Our customers' services start with the routine servicing required for the machine's maintenance and end with complex renovations that require engineering design, production of new and renewed mechanical assemblies, electrical and control.

Our customers have quick customer support services by phone or online, which delivers technical support for machinery breakdowns

/ general malfunctions. If technicians and/or experts are required

to be at your disposal, a network of high availability technicians

and experts is available nationwide.

The group's area of expertise in "stitching" a technological solution starting from the characterization stage and defining the need for today's vision and your future customer needs, pricing the solution including ROI examination, building a custom made technological solution, performing machinery break-ins, and advanced computer simulations.


Delivery of the product to your factory, and installation that includes personal training and mentoring the production staff, and all that under the mantle of professional personal service that accompanies the procedure since the beginning until its end, which allows the customer to receive a comprehensive and complete package from one group. At your discretion, we take responsibility for all or part of the process.

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