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Advanced Technical Services

Rapairs. Maintenance. Refurbish. All Types of Machines.

Quick Services for Every Need - Maintenance and Servicing!

Quick  CNC Machine Support Services

Purchasing a machine is an essential step in the factory's development to meet the production requirements, aimed at increasing your company’s profit margin.

Without a doubt, the service is one of the foundations of your peace of mind in deciding to purchase a machine. When you buy from the Unitechnic Group, you are not just buying a machining machine but also a technological solution or an end accessory.

You also buy yourself a professional and skilled service system. In any case of malfunction and/or downtime due to a fracture or proactive downtime, you are in good hands.

Technical Service Department, in general, and in particular, alongside the excellent, professional, and specialized technical support staff, will allow you to quickly return to work.

We have all the quick solutions in these services:

  1. Remote technical support.

  2. Training and guidance by telephone.

  3. Training and guidance via video Zoom.

  4. Physical arrival of a technician | Expert to you.

We invite you to contact us today:

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Advanced Servicing and Maintenance Services

If found that one or another part needs to be replaced or a whole assembly requires refurbishing...

We provide the service as part of our services package, our workshops, and our import department supports the technical suite and provides it with everything needed to solve the problem to its completion.


Upon the job completion, you will receive a detailed service report and warranty for the repairs or refurbishment.

In recent years, the Unitechnic Group has made giant leaps in services for factories, and institutions.

You can learn a lot about this, in detail, in the service agreement on the website - Read the Service Agreement.

At your disposal, technical services and technical support for your old and new machining machines, the group provides responsive services for fractures and breakdowns according to SLA, to a wide range of factories in the country by annual contract. We invite you to ask us how to join these services.

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