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Technological Solutions


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CE ISO 9001

Unitechnic Group ltd

Importer and exclusive reseller of machining machines, accessories, tools, and spare parts, with a nationwide service for the metal and machining industry in Israel and worldwide. The group serves factories, workshops, laboratories, stationary, and mobile service units while maintaining a binding quality standard - CE ISO 9001

The group had been serving the machining industry in Israel since 1984, through a machinery company, founded by Mr. Gadi Ben-Ari.


Starting 2019, after a reorganization, at the core of which the

group was established. Since starting its operations, it has molded new dimensions into its activity field, which enabled its expansion and deepening in the core areas of practice in Israel and abroad.


For example, the group has recruited new employees, new contracts with manufacturers and suppliers in Israel and abroad while adding new representations and incorporating advanced, technologies that support chip processing machines.

Mr. Arik Cohen, who serves as the group's CEO and owner, manages the group.

The Group combines several areas of activity in the machining industry’s core business in Israel and worldwide, thanks to the Group's vast and precious experience gained over the years and its skilled teams and managers. Meanwhile, the group has established an extensive network of contacts worldwide for many years, providing technological solutions and services in Israel and worldwide to a wide range of large and small factories, mass production companies, and research laboratories at the forefront of their field.

The group provides the machining and the technologic industry a wide range of machining machines, multi-axis, automated CNC machines, and NC machines, for switching from conventional machines to CNC machines and assigning conventional machines, lathes, mills, surface grinders, round grinders, and peripherals, that support improving the operator's performance and product quality.


The machining machines are designed and fabricated after learning the customer's requirements and needs, and the great importance of auxiliary equipment, advanced accessories, and technological solutions. Because the production requirement requires an emphasis on streamlining the production process, the quality of the final product, and the duration of the production time, with a focus on as short downtime as possible of the machines.


These insights lead us in our day-to-day work in the group when we offer comprehensive or specific technological solutions to you, the customer. Special attention is given to the operational, maintenance simplicity, and the accessories that support the production operation. Above all, we're dedicated and have been operating for decades while providing personal and professional service over time.


CNC & Conventional Machines

Performance. Accuracy. Reliability. Probability and fair business practices.

Advanced CNC machines and conventional machining

The best manufacturers, most advanced technology, at your fingertips.


The group is first and foremost, a home for purpose technological solutions for the customer's requirements as you define them. The technological solutions, personal attention, services, and business fairness give you the peace of mind you need to achieve your enterprise’s goals.

The group gives you the confidence you need during regular times and in a time of crisis. We are always there for you.

For 35 years, we have accompanied many hundreds of customers, generations of owners, and managers while working with them. Thanks to them, we have built a house of knowledge and capabilities in the field of purchasing machines and spare parts, a worldwide network of manufacturers, in various and diverse areas of expertise, services, and support—the right platform for your and your customer's needs.

This group is a place where possible is just the beginning, and the impossible is the challenge. In this place, knowledge and experience meet with the proven needs and results. A place where business fairness, reliability, and loyalty, have lived for over 35 years, a place where you can find the right solution for you. I invite you to join us.

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The technological industry

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 >ce iso 9001

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